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Malou Weijs (1996), graduated in 2021 from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam as a product designer. She prefers to be involved in extensive material investigations and has an eye for texture, pattern and color.

Her strong fascination for repetitive patterns combined with popping colors, the work for Bureau CAY resulted in a beautiful representation of her design identity where these elements can be seen. Collaborating with Malou has been very interesting where there was a nice dialogue about the balance between aesthetics and stability of the stool. Her interpretation of the stool has a great potential to grow the families into other furniture archetypes.

“Cyrus gives us the next step, the step that provides motivation and inspiration. Which I was kind of looking for myself.”
- Malou Weijs

Please find more info about the designer on https://malouweijs.nl/under-construction 👀️

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