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My name is Joni Veizaj, a product designer who looks for fun and humor in certain materials, products or statements that relate to product design. I try to incorporate these themes in my products through experimental research combined with childish curiosity. I see myself as a maker in heart and soul and through my knowledge of materials and production techniques I look for new ways of producing. My products are mainly intended to provide her environment with a cheerful and humorous touch.

Joni’s way of working is resulting in a happy interaction with him and his object. He finds his inspiration from interesting combinations which creates an ironic effect on the product. The stool he designed for Bureau CAY resulted in a clear representation of his design language where the user has a fun interaction with the object. Joni’s stool design shows how wide the interpretation is to define a stool and at the same he retains a clear red thread through his work.

“Collaborating with bureau CAY gave me new insight in how I can develop and manufacture my products.” - Joni Veizaj

Please find more info about the designer on https://www.joniveizaj.nl/ 👀️

🏁️ Evaluation Joni