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The way how people perceive Bureau CAY is very important to me. For this I created a layout that guides the viewer in a clear and simple way. The execution of the stand was essential to express this clear and simple design language. By coincidence I bumped into RotorDC on Instagram and I fell directly in love. RotorDC (Rotor Deconstruction) is a cooperative that organizes the reuse of construction materials. They dismantle, process and trade salvaged building components. They are based in Anderlecht, Belgium so I went with a van and took a look around their place. I was amazed by what they collected from old interiors and buildings, from marble tops to wooden doors and all kinds of bricks. Inside the building I came across curved plywood panels that were originally used as radiator covers in WTC towers. The dimensions were perfect and I realized that these curved panels can be re-used and re-imagined as exhibition elements.

The back side of the panel has a white HPL layer on the wood for a smooth appearance and the front is kept natural. To eliminate this surface difference I applied a layer of primer to create an even surface both front and back. The overall expression of the stand had to be uniform so I decided to add a splash of stone gray paint to the panels. I was not completely satisfied with the stability of the panels and to keep the safety of the audience in considering I made small triangles so it does not tip over. The stand is divided by a main counter with general information about Bureau CAY and the four smaller panels include a small text explaining the concept of the stools.