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To further develop Bureau CAY I wanted to express the collaborative part of the project. Rogier van Eck, who is a talented photographer grabbed my attention while doing research for assigning a photographer for the project.

Rogier van Eck is an Amsterdam-based photographer. From a young age, Rogier had a distinct sense of observing and noticing detail of those around him. Later on, he has started to translate this instinctive characteristic into photography, which mainly occurs when he finds himself in the middle of daily life situations. This makes most of his work shot out of the blue within spontaneous moments.

I contacted Rogier because of his great eye for detail and color and he shoots the unexpected moments in a very beautiful way. He was interested to join this adventure of Bureau CAY and we started to brainstorm the overall composition of expressing the brand feeling of Bureau CAY. I have always been fascinated by the tennis court and the tennis game in general, where two tennis players play against each other and the umpire who has a general view over the court decides the scores and rules of the game. This was a great starting point to work with and while I was at RotorDC I bought a jute carpet of 2.5 x 4.5 meters and this was acting as my playing field for the shoot. At Neef Louis Design in Amsterdam I found a red tennis umpire chair that I could use for the shoot and slowly the overall composition was set.

The attention to detail and color, this is where Rogier came into place. The choice of light colored clothing was very important to create a calm feeling and the bricks were a metaphor for giving the designers the tools to work with and build their design concept foundation. The net in between the court was removed to create an open community field where aspiring designers share the stage together.