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1. What inspired and convinced you to work with Bureau CAY?

Cyrus Feiz's motivation is to give a stage to just graduated academy students who want to be independent designers, since it takes a lot of time and energy to get into publicity. This piece takes Bureau CAY away from the designer, allowing the designer to focus on their own qualities.

2. What part of the briefing got you excited?

That it is not a one-time stage. This is because there are other collections coming up. Bureau CAY also still has to grow. With that, Bureau CAY gives itself time and a full collection of furniture emerges.

3. Did you find it challenging to come up with a stool concept for the first collection of Bureau CAY?

By making and archiving models over the years, I soon knew which direction I wanted to go. Which allowed me to focus entirely on the pattern and design of the stool.

4. How did the collaboration go with the creative facilitator of Bureau CAY?

Because Bureau CAY is a new label. Everything has to be set up from A to Z which takes a lot of time and energy, so the planning and expectations for the designer were unclear. This could be solved with a checklist, so the designer knows what is expected of him.

5. What are your thoughts of having the idea that Royal CBM is looking at your design and potentially taking it into production?

The stool was designed with the idea that it would be easy to produce. It just depends on how this is contractually agreed upon.

6. Any tips for Bureau CAY for starting the next collection?

Next time, there should be a contract signed at the beginning about Bureau CAY's revenue model, what the earnings are for Bureau CAY and the designer. What are these press rates? Since everyone wants to come out better. For this first collaboration, nothing has been contracted yet.

7. What does Bureau CAY need to improve?

As mentioned above; Planning, Checklist (what is expected of the designer) and contract (What does the revenue model look like. What is the difference between Bureau CAY and labels/galleries/collectors)

8. Did you like to be a part of a design label and platform that represents a community of designers?

Love to see that Cyrus started Bureau CAY with full conviction and found something that makes him happy. And also that I get to be part of Bureau CAY. And nice to see the different disciplines of the designers in these stools.

9. Was the timespan of the project realistic?

It was realistic, but unexpected things came up that were not included in the planning. This could be different for next time. It also comes naturally that Bureau CAY had to come completely off the floor.

10. Would you recommend future collaborative projects of Bureau CAY to other designers?

I can't answer this yet because I first want to experience Bureau CAY at different fairs and how that goes. I think when the complete collection is finished for Bureau CAY I will have a better idea about this.

11. Are you happy with the end result of the stool and do you think there is a potential of growing this concept?

I am very happy with the final result. The concept is clearly translated, and attention time was spent to get on the right pattern.